Online Shops – It’s All About Sales!

If you had to pick one goal for e-commerce it would always be to increase online sales. Our e-commerce specialists keep this goal in mind every second of every day. We’ll give you results and analysis that leads to what you want - successful expansion of sales. By keeping our attention on measurable metrics we can continuously optimise online conversions, with sophisticated tools such as “Split testing” and “A/B testing” leading to even more success.

We keep ourselves informed of the latest innovation and developments in online shops. We are experts in the use of WordPress Woocommerce as an e-commerce platform. Of course, advanced use and expertise in Google Analytics is second nature to our team. That’s not where it ends though. We also spend a lot of time increasing other important factors such as repeat orders and average sale spend.


Online Shops That Make Sense for Your Wallet

We’re not just one-trick online ponies. We have experience in all aspects of both online and offline marketing. That means you get more than a simple online shop (that looks great and works amazingly). Working with us gets you access to advice and implementation on email marketing, loyalty programs and other marketing strategies. All of this can give greater growth and success to your online store.

Our ultimate goal is to give you an online shop that generates real value while still being a cost-effective solution. In essence, a solution that works with your needs and your bank balance.

Speak to us for with all aspects of online shop, from ground-up design to consultation on potential improvements and refinements. You’ll see the results in your sales figures!