E-Mail Marketing that Hits the Target

Do you want a big return for a small investment? Then you have to look at e-mail marketing. Our experts know numerous tactics and methods that can be used to develop-mail marketing and give long-term increase in revenues. It doesn’t matter what size your business is – we manage small, medium and large e-mail lists. It’s okay if you have just a few dozen contacts or tens of thousands. Either way we can turn these contacts into a revenue stream.

E-mail marketing gets you something very important - repeat sales and increased brand awareness. Our team can help you to grow your mailing list and, along with it grow your repeat business. This is a growth field, and we are constantly innovating, developing new techniques and learning from the latest research in customer behaviour and technological developments. We also make e-mail marketing easy - our world-class mailing system allows you to manage email campaigns in-house or you can make things simpler and hand over the daily work and administration to us.


More than just newsletters

We rigorously test and evaluate your newsletters and emails to give better click-through and open rates (That’s what leads to much better engagement and all the things that go with it). Our use of split testing and personalization also delivers better results. Simply put, it lets us give accurate measurement of the impact of various strategies and tactics. That’s not all. Our system integrates seamlessly with Google Analytics for better analysis and tracking of the success of your email marketing strategy. Even better, our system also provides its own reports on your mailing lists for increased information from monitoring. All of this means you’ll always know what’s working and for whom.

Everything you need from e-mail marketing you can get with us. Want something slow-burning? We provide design and operation of ‘drip marketing’ campaigns, including automation of follow-up contacts, tailoring to individual contact profiles and increased engagement. Need better relationships with customers? Customer Relationship Management strategies that we offer include database processing for targeting of relevant offers and automated ‘win back’ offers to help retain valuable customers.

We’re here to make you money. The e-mail marketing we provide is designed to do one thing – improve your bottom line. No matter how expansive your contact list or how experienced you are with e-mail marketing, we can provide you with a tailored solution that will help you to maximize the effectiveness and impact of your e-mail marketing campaigns.

Get more sales more simply. What more could you ask for? Drop us a line now!