Working with Yoast SEO in WordPress

Working with Yoast SEO in WordPress

Hi and welcome to another bloom360 e-session! In this video, what we’re gonna be looking at is a special plug-in called Yoast SEO.

Now, the point of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and I guess the point of your website also, is to attract people to your website. And that can be for a variety of reasons: you can be running a blog and you just want people to read it or you can be selling products and you want people to buy them. There’s a whole host of reasons why you’d wanna bring people to your website.

Now, the main way that people bring guests to their website is through Google and a whole art and science has evolved to that end and people have become professionals in finding ways to gain Google or to manipulate Google or to just do their very, very best within the framework or rules that Google has set, to bring themselves to the top of their Google rankings. Now, what I mean when I say Google rankings – sorry if this is all a little bit basic for you, but I think after we lay our framework, then we’ll all be on the same page. Alright.

So let’s for example say that I want to put some new tyres on my car. So I’ll say “tyres Sydney” and this is a Google search, OK? Alright. So we can see that after I’ve searched for “tyres Sydney”, a few things have been presented on the screen. We have these results here and they’re marked with a little orange ad, these are paid results. These people have paid to be here, OK? The second thing that’s presented is a map. Now this is Google showing me all of the businesses that they have on record that are in Sydney and have something to do with tyres. And that’s generally pretty good. Alright.

So, the third thing that we have here is what’s called “the organic results”, and I’ll explain why they’re called organic in just the next little while, but you can see here there’s a name of the business or name of the page. There’s a URL here and my search terms have been highlighted, “tyres” and “Sydney” are highlighted in both, OK? Now, SEO would…

So assuming that I have a website that is about selling tyres in Sydney, if I was doing my SEO (Search Engine Optimization) correctly, my pages would all have tyres and Sydney in them a lot so that Google knew that my website was about tyres in Sydney and it would have those terms on every page, so that it would really do a good job of telling Google “Hey, I’m about tyres in Sydney, and if anybody searches for tyres in Sydney, you should send them to me.” That’s the best explanation for this that I can give you.

So, going back to our website, a plug-in that we tend to use a lot and if you’ve done business with us you have installed on your website, and if you haven’t done business with us, you should install Yoast SEO because it does do a very good job. This plug-in helps you formulate your keywords and formulate these page titles and formulate these bits of text, and all of these points together should help you bring more people into your website. Should, there’s no guarantees in Search Engine Optimization. Like I said to you, it’s a bit of an art and a science. It’s a bit of both; nobody makes any guarantees, but it should help and we found that it generally does. Alright.

So what we might do is we’ll do a little work with Our Cool New Page. We’ll do a little bit of Search Engine Optimization for it and what we’re gonna need to do to start the work is going to the back-end. Now, we’re not just going to the back-end, but we’re gonna go into the Edit of this screen. OK? So let’s click the Edit page button. And I’m already logged in so I’ve got that black menu and I’ve got the Edit page link. Alright. So, we are presented with a WordPress Visual Composer screen. Now, just to take the example further, what we’ll do is we’ll Search Engine Optimize our Cool New Page and make it about selling tyres in Sydney. OK? Alright.

So the first thing we’re gonna do is we’re going to give it a title, give the page a title that helps us sell tyres in Sydney, so let’s call it “All about Tyres in Sydney”. OK, that’s pretty cool. Alright.

So the second thing that we’re gonna do is we’re gonna change this URL here. Right now, the URL to this page is our domain name and then Our Cool New Page. What’s gonna be better is if we change this URL to be something about selling tyres in Sydney. So let’s click this Edit button and that allows us to change it and we’ll just call it “all about tyres in Sydney”. Now you don’t have to do anything special with this; WordPress will fill in all the blanks and get rid of the capitals and will turn it into a nice little URL. You can see it here. OK? So we’re doing pretty well so far. Alright.

The next thing that I would do is I would come into this text and I would rewrite it, and I would rewrite it in such a way that it mentions tyres, Sydney, wheels, cars, anything that people might search for often. Now, don’t write garbage text. Don’t just write “Tyres in Sydney, tyres in Sydney, tyres in Sydney. All work and no play makes Jack a good boy.” Make it sensible and that’s gonna do better for you.

Remember, Google’s very smart. If they see “tyres in Sydney” repeated 100 times down the page, they’re gonna think that something’s up and their computers will say “No, we don’t like that page and they’ll actually drop you.” That’s where the art and the science comes in to all this SEO stuff. Google’s very clever and they can spot tricks. And if they spot a trick or they sniff a trick on your webpage, then they will actually decrease your rankings. So any funny plan you might read about or come up with on your own as to how you can rise up through your Google rankings, just be careful. Just be careful, because Google will take out the ban hammer and they will quite happily get rid of you from the search results entirely if that’s how they feel in that particular day.

Anyway, so getting back to what I was saying, rewrite the text so that it’s got Tyres in Sydney through it at least in some way and save it like that. Alright. So let’s get back to what we were actually coming into this video for, and that’s Yoast SEO. And here, around the bottom of our page, we’ve got this little box here. OK?

This box does a few things. It’s got some tabs that we won’t go into in this video. We’re just trying to keep it nice and simple and just give you a bit of a heads-up on SEO stuff. And you’ll notice that the first thing is a snippet preview and what this does, this gives you a simulation of what Google’s gonna be showing. You’ll notice that we’ve got some blue text in big and then we’ve got a green URL and then we’ve got some text here as well.

And let’s get back to our Google search. That’s exactly how it looks here, OK? So what the plug-in is doing is it’s showing you how the end result is gonna look on Google. So you’ll notice that our URL isn’t updated yet, so we’ll just click on Update and we should find that that fixes itself up. We just wait for the page to refresh. OK. Alright. So you can see that we’ve got “all about tyres in Sydney” as our new URL. “All about Tyres in Sydney” is our page title. We’re looking pretty good; if we’re trying to bring in people for tyres in Sydney, then we’re doing pretty well. Alright.

So, focus keyword is the second thing. Now, there’s much debate as to whether this actually does anything for you anymore. Google doesn’t look at it a lot anymore, mainly for the fact that people would just write “tyres in Sydney” and just write it 100 times, and play tricks like that. So Google doesn’t think it’s very important anymore. I would just put it in and just keep it simple, and just make it terms that your page actually works with, “tyres wheels Sydney” and leave it at that. OK? Don’t get too tricky. Alright.

So, now what it’s doing is it’s saying “Hey, your keywords aren’t in the heading. They’re not in the page title, they’re not in the page URL, they’re not in the content, they’re not in the meta description.” Alright. So let’s get rid of “wheels”, do what it says. OK. So now it’s a bit happier. Alright. So it’s in the heading, it’s in the page title, it’s in the page URL. It’s not in the content. We never put “tyres in Sydney” in the content, and then it’s the meta description. OK. So, we’re gonna fix these two problems. We’ll fix one of them, anyway, and we’ll fix the last thing as well.

The SEO title is probably the most important field out of all of these. It’s really the one that you should pay most attention to. Google puts the most weight on it. What is does is if I… Let’s view our page. I’ll just open this up in a new tab. Alright.

So, we’ve got our title here, but what else there is? There’s this title here in this tab that you can see. Now, Google really likes this tab. Sorry, Google really likes the title in this tab, and it’s this field here that allows us to set it. The reason that Google likes it a lot is because there’s a character limit and there’s very limited possibilities for us to game this field or the text that’s in this tab. But there are possibilities here. So there are things we can do. So we do wanna have “tyres in Sydney” and we’ll imagine that our business fits tyres and it fits them while the person’s waiting there in the shop: “Fitted while you wait”. OK, that’s pretty good.

So that means that this tab up here is gonna say “Tyres in Sydney – fitted while you wait!” and you can see now that Google has updated and it’s saying “Fitted while you wait”, so that’s pretty cool. What that’s done now, think about it. If someone’s going looking for tyres in Sydney and they’re looking through these results here, if they see “Tyres in Sydney – fitted while you wait!” and that’s what they’re looking for, then that’s exactly what they’re gonna click on.

And you can see that some of these other companies have done the same thing, “Cheap tyres and used tyres in Sydney”. So that’s the hashtag, “Tyres in Sydney”. This is “Buy tyres in Sydney online with Jack’s Tyres” So they’ve put some words in there as well. These people here, Blair’s Tyres, they’ve actually put the suburbs that they service, which is a good idea because if somebody’s searching for tyres in Peakhurst, then these people will come up, they’ll come up before these people will, in theory. So there’s lots of things that you can do.

Alright. So this last field that we’ve got here, the meta description, this is this bit of text here, and theoretically this doesn’t actually do much for you in terms of Google rankings, but what it does do, what it will do is: say you’re a number 2 result and the person is umming and ahhing whether who they’re going to click, this first guy or you, if your text here is more informative or ticks the right boxes or just says the right thing to the potential visitor, then they’re gonna click on you, based on the strength of this text here. So it’s a good idea to get it right. It might not do anything immediately for you with your Google rankings, it might not put you from number 2 to number 1, but it can potentially have people click on you.

So let’s fix that up. “We’re your number one stop for tyres in Sydney fitted while you wait”. OK, we’re looking pretty. Alright, so you can see here, it’s “Tyres in Sydney – fitted while you wait!”, “We’re your number one stop for tyres in Sydney fitted while you wait”. Now, if I was spending more time on this, I’d make this description a little bit better, but you get the idea anyway. There is a specific character limit here; you can see you’ve got 156. If you go over that, all it’s gonna do is it’s just gonna chop if off when you go to Google, so you haven’t done anything. So I would suggest very strongly keeping within that limit.

That’s the basics of Yoast SEO. Let’s just set these 2 last reds into green because we do like completeness. So our meta description doesn’t have our keywords in it. I’ll just fix that up. There’s an extra space. So “Tyres in Sydney” is definitely in the meta description now, so it’s happy. And in the content, we need to put it in so we’ll just fix up this content, because sometimes this plug-in is a bit smarter than we are. So it’s good to do what it says. “Tyres in Sydney – fitted while you wait!” OK, so I’ll just click on Save Changes now and what it’s gonna expect is that we click on Update and once we’ve done that, that red should turn into green, in theory. We’ll just wait for the screen to upload and we have, we have all greens up and down the board.

OK, so that’s it. That’s WordPress SEO by Yoast. If you do those things, then you’re going to – well, like I said, there’s no guarantees, but you’re definitely putting your best foot forward. Just do remember, the most important thing out of all of these is your SEO title. Do make it good. Make it count. And yeah, these few little things should make you stand out from the crowd enough so that it brings extra people.

Well, that’s it for this e-session. If you have any questions, and I’m sure there are a lot of them because like I said, SEO is a very complicated subject and there is a lot of debates surrounding all of the points I’ve spoken about… If you have any questions, hit us up here at bloom360 and otherwise, I’ll talk to you next time. Thanks very much! Goodbye.