Product Variations in Woocommerce

Multiple Selection Products in Woocommerce

Hi, this is Dan Haak here from Bloom360 and you and I together are going to be hanging out for the next little while. What we are going to be looking at is some advanced variable product stuff.

Um… in this very unique example what we’re going to be doing is we’re going to be setting up the product to have multiple variations umm… and there won’t be different prices. They’re basically just going to be selections that the customer can make for that product so umm… right now the product is set up with one variation: that’s colour. We are going to set it up with a second one, which is letter of the alphabet. And because you can see here that we’ve already got something close to about 8 or maybe even 10 colours… and then times that by all the letters of the alphabet… so last time I counted it was 26. So, then you are going to end up with close to 260 variations if you did it the wrong way. We’re going to do it the right way and we aren’t going to have nearly so much work.

Alright, so what we are going to do first is we are going to go into the product definition screen so I am going to go up here to the top menu and right click on “Edit Product”. Open up a new tab. And we’ll be able to look at how the product looks right this second.

Alright, so you’d be familiar with the screen by now. Umm…here we are in our product definition. You can see there’s a title and contents and all that stuff that we are very, very used to. Umm… you can see that the product here is set to variable product and if we go attributes you’ll see we’ve got our colour listed here and umm… if we go to variations we can see that each of the colours are list… listed separately here. We are going to fix this up a little bit. We are going to add a second attribute here which is going to be letter of the alphabet. And then we are going to fix up those variations.

Alright, so I’m going to show you a different way to set up an attribute. I’m going to set up the attributes so that it can be accessed by every product in the WordPress set up so what we do is we go over to here into the products menu. We’ve got attributes there. We’ll open that up in a new tab. And what this is going to let us do is it sets up a storewide attribute. You can see that we’ve already got some here for another product that we set up previously Belushi Colour Selection was the one. Umm… like a said to you a second ago, this time round it’s going to be letter of the alphabet.

Very good. Alright,so we are going to “Add Attribute”. And you can see now that is in the list. Alright, so you can see here umm… in the listing under terms, the other three have terms. So term is…is … is an attribute. We are going to add some to the letters of the alphabet and predictively enough they are going to be letters of the alphabet. So, I click that little cog over here. And now it’s going to ask me for them. So, A… let’s put on caps lock A… and we just hit enter after each of them. And this process might be a little bit slow but remember you are doing it for… every product in the website.


Ok, so that’s all of the letters of the alphabet as long as I haven’t had a… as long as I haven’t suffered a moment of temporary madness and gotten it wrong somehow.Alright, so that’s our attributes. If we go back out to “Attributes” now we’re going to see that our letters of the alphabet has every letter of the alphabet predictively enough. Alright, so what we’re going to do now is we’re going to go back to our product page. We’ll do a refresh so it knows about the new attribute that was set up. The new storewide attribute is what I’m talking about. Ok so we’ll just wait for the page to refresh and once it’s done that we will be able to add our letters of the alphabet.

Alright, so we’re go back over to our attributes field and what we’re going to do is were going from this selection box, we are going to select letters of the alphabet which is just added after we … after we added it storewide. So I’m going to click “Add Now” and what we are able to do is…as… as always we are going to click “Physical” on the product page and “Use for Variations” and then we’re going to say “Select All” and you can see here it’s added all the letters of the alphabet that we added to it so it doesn’t matter what product you… you create in the store now. You are always going to have access to letters of the alphabet. So umm… it’s a pretty useful thing.

Alright, so we click “Save Attributes”. Right, ok so now we come over to variations and um… unfortunately for all the wonderful hard work that’s been done so far… actually no, not unfortunately for… umm, no, no unfortunately for all that hard work, we are going to remove most of these so we will remove that… we’re just going to leave one.

And this might just take a little… little while. If you see any of them that costs something else aside from the $24, just let me know. Because I wouldn’t want to leave that. That will be important to keep. Alright, we’re getting towards the end of it now. We’ve already got a lot of work into this… ok, so they are all gone now so all we need to do is um… any colour, any letter of the alphabet… 24… And so it’s just one variation and that’s going to serve the purpose that we… we need of it. So, if I click “Update Now” and umm… what we will do after that is umm spotless… “Save Now”… Alright, if I refresh page, we should get 2 variations now. Ok, so you can see we’ve got colour and we’ve got letter of the alphabet and umm… so we’ve got cream is the default and umm… now we are able to select a letter of the alphabet and now it is allowing us to… to order. Now, both of these will be visible in the order in the back end so when somebody orders a cream letter Q. That is what is going to be… umm… you the vendor are going to be made aware of that.


So, that’s basically how it is. Let me just give you one more quick look at how the varia… how the variables… ah… how the variations look so again it’s just setting it any colour, any letter of the alphabet… and um yeah, it would be best not to set it a default on the letter of the alphabet because you will have people accidentally ordering the letter Q which is not going to be very good and they are going to complain and they are going to send it back and it’s going to be all your fault because that’s how these things work.

I hope that you’ve gained something from this session and I hope that it’s been useful for you. If you have any questions hit me up here at Bloom360. That’s all for now. Bye bye.