Adding Product Categories to Main Menu

Adding Product Categories to Main Menu

Hi! This is Dan Haak here from bloom360 and what you and I together are going to look at is…we’re just gonna be putting a product category into the main menu. It’s not gonna take us very long. We’re gonna get through it very quickly. So, hold tight! Alright.

So, we’re gonna head over into the back-end and we’re gonna head over into our Appearance and then Menus menu. OK, so we’re gonna click Appearance – Menus and then we’re gonna be confronted with this new screen. Alright. So, we are gonna be playing with the menu; remember that your WordPress website and other WordPress websites normally have a number of different menus. In this case, with this particular website, we’ve got a main menu here, like what I’m pointing to right this second, then we’ve got a small menu up here in the top corner with our shop links and here’s a little menu down the bottom as well.

Alright. So what we’ll do is we need to make sure that we’re selecting the right menu before we start playing with anything. Right now you can see that the back-end is indicating to us that we’re looking at the footer menu. That’s not what we want, we want the main menu. I’m just gonna click on that and then I click Select and we wait for the screen to refresh. Alright. So you can see from this busy sort of a screen, there are a number of menu items listed here. As the mouse goes over them, they spring to life a little bit.

You will notice that these boxes correspond to the menu that is on the website that we’re working with right now. So Home, Products – Products has a whole bunch of submenu items – and then Services, Blog, About Us. You’ve played with menus before, I’m sure you know that you just drag & drop things around and to make something a chart item you give it a bit of an indent.

What we’re gonna be doing right now is we’re gonna be adding a product category and over here on the left-hand side we’ve got this bit sort of a menu. We have the option to add a page if we’d like and there’s a few other things here that you can have a play with. What we’re gonna be playing with today is Product Categories, so I’m gonna click on that. And I’m gonna be adding one of these product categories. Alright.

So Children’s Prints is the one that I’m gonna play with right this second, so I put a tick in that box ‘cause I wanna add it to the menu and then predictably enough, I click Add to Menu. And we’ll find that here at the bottom of our menu we’ve now got Children’s Prints. It does strike itself as being a product category, which is correct enough. Alright.

So we don’t want it down here, we want it to go underneath Products, so like I showed you just a second ago and like I’m sure you’ve played with before, I’m gonna drag & drop it into position here and give it an indent underneath Products, which means it’s gonna be a chart item. Alright, now that that’s in place, all I’ve got to do is click Save Menu and we wait for that to refresh and in the meantime we’ll just head out to the front-end and we’ll hover over…in fact we’ll give the Refresh button a click and if we go to our Products menu now, we’ll find that here at the bottom we’ve got Children’s Prints, which is exactly what we’re looking for. I’ll go over and click and hope there’s some products in it. There is. All good! No worries.

So I hope that was informative and hopefully it gets you where you need to go. If you got any questions, hit me up here at bloom360. Talk to you next time!