Add Woocommerce Product

Add Woocommerce Product

Hi, this is Dan Haak here from Bloom360 and you and I together are going to hang out for the next little while.

What we’re going to be looking at is how to upload a product into your WordPress website equipped with Woocommerce.

Alright, so it’s not all that difficult we’re only going to go through a couple of steps and by the end of it you are going to find it just as easy as I do.

Alright, so we start out here at our front page… obviously this website doesn’t look like yours exactly but you get the idea.

Alright, so we go up here to our URL up the top of the browser and what we are going to be doing is we’re going to be going to what is called as the “Dashboard” (otherwise known as the back end of the website.)

Umm… to do that in a WordPress website is very easy. All we do is first type a slash and then it’s wp for WordPress and it’s dash and then it’s admin.


And then click enter.

And uh… normally you would be confronted after that with a user ID and password prompt but in my case I’m already logged in so we haven’t seen it.

Alright, so here we are on the dashboard uh… again there are a lot of menu options that are so… you know you shouldn’t be disturbed by. There is only one that you need right now and that’s “Products”.
We’ll just click on that and what it’s going to do is it’s going to give us a list of products that are currently in the system.

You can see that this website is equipped with quite a few. I will tell you what we will do: we will actually have a look at the website and the shop before we get into it and we will talk about the different parts of a product and hopefully that will help you understand what it is that we will be setting up in case you are a little bit unsure.

We won’t go for the short shorts we will go for the shirt with the tie. That’s a little bit more sophisticated, isn’t it?

So here we are: boy’s formal shirt… sorry, boy’s formal top with bowtie.

We have a selection here. We have an “Add to Cart”. We have a description here. Very important we’ve got a price… in this case the item is on sale and uhh…the product has a name.

Alright, so having that up our sleeve we’ll head over back to the back end and we’ll click this button here that says “Add Product”.

And what this is going to do is it’s going to open up to a screen that will show us an empty product. We’ll fill in the field, we’ll click publish and then we’ll have another product in the system.

Alright, so the first field is “Product Name” and you’ll find the cursor there waiting for you when you start this.

We’ll give it a new name so our new product… ok very good. Halfway there alright so we’re gonna be needing a description so this box here is the long description and in our product here it corresponds to this little bit of information here so we’ll put some text in… so… my text and…. copy that and we’ll make lots of it because it’s a long description.

Alright… we’ll leave it at that.

And ok… so what we’re going to do next is we’re going to scroll down a little bit and in this instance we are going to be looking at a simple product which means that when the customer purchases the product there are no options: it’s not a t-shirt that comes in different colours or sizes or anything. In this case, there’s only one product.

Alright, we’ll leave it like that. “SKU” is a fancy word for product ID so we’ll give it one of those. So, in this case, it’s “PROD-001” and our price, in this case, we’ll call it 99.50 and we won’t give it a sale price. We’ll just keep it nice and simple for this instance.

Alright so ummmm… that’s all looking pretty good what we will be doing now is we’re giving the product an image and as you can see this product does have image. When I hover over it, it zooms in so on and so forth.

Uhhh…its very, very important that you give your product an image, otherwise, how are the customers going to buy them?And then as well as the website is going to look a bit funny as well. The website does rely heavily on your products all having images.

Alright, so we click on the “Add Product Image” button. And the first thing we see are the images that are all currently uploaded into the website.Now we could just pick one of those easily enough and we can use it that would be ok. What we might do though is we might upload a new image which is probably what you’re going to be doing when you work on your own website so all I do is click upload files.

And then I’m shown this new screen. I click “Select Files”. And then I navigate to where it is that I got my images so in this case it’s directory and I will yeah… sell a house.

Ok, so we select the file and then it uploads and you got your little progress bar here and we just wait for that to finish. And then we click “Set Product Image”. Just set it to the product. Oops. That’s not what I wanted. I still want that.

Ok, so we’re almost home free. What we will do is give the product a short description and the short description is the little bit of text that lives up here near the umm… near the price so we’ll do that and I’ll say this is a short description.

And you’ll find that that’s very, very handy in lots of instances… ok and the one last thing that we might do before we wrap this up and click publish is we will give the product a gallery and what that does is it gives us not just one image but then a smaller gallery of images underneath the main image. So we’ll do that as well and we got our house here…you can already see that so we’ll just click some different images. The way we do that is we hold down the control button and we click for each one we want and we click again to get rid of.

And we’ll take that one as well… ok and then we click this button down here that says “Add to Gallery”. And you can see now that we have… in our product gallery we have 4 images there

Alright, so we’re basically finished.Depending on your website set up you will select a category that is applicable to whatever product you’re entering umm… but for us right now we don’t need to do that and we’ll just click publish and in a very, very short amount of time we will have a new product up on our website.

Ok, so it’s finished. I told you it was a short amount of time.

Ok,so all I’m going to do now just because I’m being tricky: I’m going to right-click on a few products and I’m going to make it open up in a new tab.

And now we’re going to get to look at all our hard work. Alright, so you can see what we’ve got now.

Ok so, we’ve got the title of the product which is our new product. Remember the price that we set which was 99.50… the short description is what we what we wrote at the bottom of the screen… I’ll just show you that one more time.

So, right down here at the bottom of the screen… that’s what we wrote there and that went onto the page and you will also remember that we created the… the gallery so the user can click through these images and they can see different views of the product. In that case, it’s just a little bit of a gif.

And,of course,we’ve got that nice long product description down here at the bottom. So you can see exactly how easy it is to upload a product into Woocommerce…you can see exactly how easy it is to upload images – also numerous images if you want.

To delete the product, it’s also as simple as that. All we do is we go into the product (this is one way of doing it – there are a few ways). We go into the product and we click this button here that is over on the right hand side, “Move to Trash” and soon as I click that… it’s going to… get its act together and trash that product so if I come back up to this website now and I try and refresh this product it’s going to say no can-do. (At least if everything is working already.) See sorry posts matched your criteria which means we just trashed it.

Anyways, so that’s creating a product in and out, uploading images in and out… hopefully that was helpful and if you have any questions just hit us up at Bloom 360 we are happy to help.

Talk to you later.

Bye bye.